Not all online slots are created equal – RTP

Online slot games are fun but only if you can find the right one. The number of online slots keeps increasing by the day, which makes it hard to pick just one. Slots are designed differently, meaning you have to take time to find the ones that meet your requirements. If you have read some … [Read more…]

Roulette: A game of many guises

Roulette is one of the worlds most famous casino games, popularised by glamorous Hollywood movies such as Oceans Eleven and Casino. Today this exciting game of chance can be enjoyed in casinos across the globe, or even from the comfort of your own home. Roulette rules Although you’ve probably played roulette before, you may be … [Read more…]

Online casino bonuses – terminology and mechanics

If you’re just easing your way into the world of online casinos, no doubt you’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of free money on offer. You probably feel like a kid in a sweet shop; everything looks so tempting, but there’s a niggling voice inside your head asking, “Is it for real? Are they really … [Read more…]