Fake News Is Nothing New When It Comes To Gambling – But Change Is Underway

It is helpful to distinguish between the trend for click-bait media headlines and a balanced assessment of the facts. The UK gambling industry is no exception to this trend, where the good reputation of operators is especially crucial to success. Several recent cases have demonstrated the need for industry standard enforcement, assuring punters that operators … [Read more…]

Slots Terminology Every Online Casino Player Should Know

When playing online casino slots, a helpful slots terminology will enable every player to gain a better overall understanding of these popular casino games. Online Casino Slots Are Progressive Gone are the days of the old-fashioned slots, once referred to as bandits, that required players to pull the huge arm of the machine to spin … [Read more…]

Adventure casinos – the gamification of gambling

Online gambling and playing online adventure games used to be two different worlds. In the one you gambled and either made or lost money. In the other you played for fun. But sooner or later someone had to stumble on the brilliant idea to combine both concepts. Someone did, and the adventure casino was born. … [Read more…]