Differences and Similarities between the Mega Moolah and the Mega Fortune

Players looking to make killer wins when playing slot games choose progressive jackpots online. The slots are similar to regular slots except that they designed to award players millions in a single or several spins. With regular slots, playing is simple as the winning pay line awards players the jackpot, depending on the payouts for the different game symbols. Progressive slots, however, award players based on the increasing pot. Every bet the player makes increases the prize. The Mega Fortune and the Mega Moolah are so far the best jackpot slots. The next discussion highlights the differences and similarities of these jackpot slots online.


While both the Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are progressive slots, they have differences that may cause players to choose one over the other.

The Developer

Reputable casino developers have developed both progressive slots. However, the Mega Moolah uses the Microgaming software while the Mega Fortune uses the software developed by NetEnt. It explains the different features in both slots when it comes to the winning combination. For the Mega Moolah, the progressive jackpot is awarded randomly, and no combination of symbols is required to win the prize. Players with higher stakes have a higher chance of winning the jackpot also.

The Mega Fortune, on the other hand, prizes accumulate just as those in the lottery. As such, a small percentage of every bet contributes to the jackpot, explaining the seven-figure sums on NetEnt jackpot slots online. Also, progressive slots developed by NetEnt are based on a tired jackpot system, which means that the player’s bet is divided to fund the three progressive prizes in the ratios 1:1:5.39, i.e., 1% for the Rapid Jackpot, 1% for the Major Jackpot and 5.39% for the Mega Jackpot.

Number of Jackpot Tiers

The Mega Moolah is a random progressive slot, which means it has more than one jackpot tier. Players can win any of the four progressive jackpots- the mini for ten credits, the minor, which awards players 100 credits and more, the Major whose prize starts at 10,000 credits and the Mega progressive for 1,000,000 credits. The Mega Moola, however, has three progressive jackpot tiers- the Rapid Jackpot, the Mega Jackpot and the Major Jackpot.

The Theme

The Mega Fortune features a luxurious lifestyle characterised by limousine rides, champagne toasts and a yacht. The Mega Moolah, on the other hand, has a jungle-like theme with monkey symbols and a wild card featuring a lion.

Return to Player Rate

This rate shows the percentage of cash the player is likely to win over time based on the amount wagered. Mega Fortune has a higher RTP than its counterpart, i.e., 96.6% compared to Mega Moolah’s 94%. It is a slight difference, but if you are looking to play and win in the long-run, the Mega Fortune makes a better jackpot slot than Mega Moolah.

Number of Free Spins

Both slots have the free spin feature. However, the Mega Fortune offers only five free spins while the Mega Moolah has 15 free spins. The free spin feature is triggered by the scatter symbol in both slots, and they can be re-triggered for additional wins.


For the Mega Moolah, the jackpot is not adjusted by the exchange rates. As such, if you win 3 million credits when playing in GBP, you are awarded the same amount in the respective currency.

Multipliers on Free Spins

The Mega Moolah has a multiplier of three for all wins made during the free spins while the Mega Fortune has multipliers your winnings by 15. This is a vast range, and it could make the difference between winning the jackpot and missing it.


The Mega Moolah has a medium to high volatility variance, which means that players enjoy lots of low and mid-sized wins and the probability of winning large jackpots of up to 1000x the bet size. As such, the Mega Moolah is ideal for players looking to win large prizes without risking too much of their bankrolls. However, the Mega Fortune is a low volatility slot which means it will award players many small and medium-sized payouts. Low volatility slots also suggest that the player doesn’t risk large amounts of money as in high and medium volatile games. This makes the Mega Fortune progressive slot great for beginners using jackpot casinos to make small wins.

Paylines and Reels

The Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah progressive jackpots online have 25 pay lines, which increases the player’s chances of hitting the jackpot, and each of them has five reels.